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I have found Jenny to be extremely professional, helpful, and friendly as well as very quick in getting the things done that she says she will which is very valuable for an author and self-publisher who has many different time-lines and tasks to balance in the process of Publishing and Promotion etc. Jenny is also very good at following up, explaining and answering questions throughout the whole process of printing/publishing; as well as extremely helpful during the putting together and setting up of an Amazon Kindle account for my ebook. In addition, Jenny is very accommodating and patient with her clients, (in this case myself) particularly when it comes to making countless revisions, changes, updates, tweaks and Photoshop requests etc… As a result, she has helped me to create and produce a most beautifully presented Book!! 


I really cannot express fully just how perfectly Jenny has translated my vision for The Keys That Open into an amazingly produced Reality!! I am unable to fully convey just how grateful I am for all the work and attention and care Jenny has put into my Project and Book. I thank you sincerely Jenny, and I wish all good things for you in everything you do!

S.A. Abraham

"The Keys That Open", 2014

I’ve known a lot of authors from Norman Mailer to W.O (Bill) Mitchell to Jimmy (James Lee) Burke. I’ve seen a lot of proofs and I’ve read a lot of books. Medico’s cover design and copy layout is at least equal to many of them and better than most. Jenny’s talent in graphics design is outstanding. The product is exquisite. Thank you for your exceptional work that has easily exceeded my expectations.


I am very grateful.

Brian Bullock

"Medico", 2015

Jenny is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She not only guided me and my book through the process, her creativity and sense of aesthetics resulted in an eye-catching cover, which reflected the content of my book.

Monica Gurdjian

"No Labels", 2013

My name is Gwyneth Jane Page. I am the author of the kids' book series The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse. To date I have published four books in this series. I have worked closely with Jenny on the last three books. I love the style she brings to each book and her enthusiasm for the work. Originally I had published the first book in the series with a different company but liked Jenny's work so much that I had her re-format the book for me so it looked like the others that she had worked on.


My books are chapter books with illustrations on every page. I wanted the books to have some of the words stand out and be embedded in the illustrations so that the books are more fun for kids to read. Jenny does a fabulous job of placing all the artwork and making the words come alive by her thoughtful placement of each element of the book.


I have now sold thousands of books to people from all over the world and get nothing but positive feedback on how much the books are enjoyed. I think that a large part of this is due to the style of the books. Nothing succeeds without a strong team and Jenny is an essential part of my team. She is also charming, kind, efficient and very thoughtful and has become my friend. You really can't ask for more.


A very heartfelt thank you to Jenny. I couldn't do this without you......or if I did, it would be much more difficult.

Gwyneth Jane Page

"The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse", Series

I thank Jenny Engwer for patiently walking me through the many steps of book publishing. Jenn's many years of experience just shone when she presented the proposed design in the layout proof. Her attention to the details of font styling, headings, spacing, picture placement and sizing - I was truly amazed! It looked so clean, so readable, so professional! Despite my many questions and visits to her office, Jenny remained very pleasant, professional, and supportive. Thank You Jenny!

Gordon Grenier

"Determined...My Story of Grit and Gratitude", 2016

Once again, Jenny Engwer has provided the artistic layout for my painting on the book cover, which so enhances the overall design and publication of my books. She has proven to not only be a talented graphic designer, but a patient, ongoing support, for which I am wholeheartedly grateful.

Elesa Diane Willies

"The Dawn's Heart", 2017

Thank you so much for all your hard work as always! You have made my book look so beautiful and I couldn't be more happy!

Nicole Gould

"Love & Light", 2017

THANK YOU for your professional work and kind emails and especially your patience. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Allison Ryder

"A Traveller's Companion", 2015

I wish to thank you for your attentiveness and cooperation setting up this book. You made the process rather stress free.

J.D. Pears

"Did I Mention I Have A Pedometer?", 2014

You have no idea how excited I am now that I see the level you've taken the book to with your design ideas and work - thank you so much!

Sarah MacDonald

"Life After Dating", 2016

Elaine’s book just couldn’t be more gorgeous.. thanks so much for your gifted work.

Sylvia Taylor

"When Rabbits Cry" by Elain Eaton Brown, 2016

Jenny..we have told so many people about how wonderful and easy you are to work glad I found you...thank you for your professional and kind manor.

Debra Blades

"A Woman of Substance" by Debra Blades and Kathi Wehage, 2013

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